Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Long Over Due

It's been a while since my last post. I guess you could say little E has been keeping me busy! He's almost 10 months old, which is insane. I refuse to let him grow up (like I have a choice...).
I've also been working on starting a little on the side hobbyish photo business, which takes up a TON of time. I'm not really starting it to make money, but rather as a way to pay for all the photography related costs since Luke's recent job change made money a bit tighter.
Eli has become a full on pro at standing, & I know it won't be muc longer before walking becomes his favorite means of travel. He can take a few steps, & has been for about a month, but he doesn't have it down quite yet.
Tomorrow we go in for E's head scan. I'm trying my best to stay optimistic about it, but can't help but be scared to death. He seems fine, no obvious developmental issues or anything, but his head is growing at an alarming rate. He's been above 99% on the charts since he was born, but now it keeps jumping up. As nervous as I am about tomorrow, I'm also relieved for the day to finally be here so we can all stop wondering.
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