Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lessons Learned of a Newish Mommy

A year ago I was anxiously awaiting Eli's arrival, now I'm starting to look for his first birthday invitations. A year ago I was wish time would pass quicker, now I wish I would have been a little more patient & cherished each moment. A year ago I was buying newborn sized clothes for my unborn baby, now I'm chasing an 8 month old around.

Thinking back on where I was a year ago makes me realize everything I have learned as I became a new parent.
I've learned:
When everyone tells you to enjoy your time before the baby is born, do it. Just take some time for yourself, because those moments will soon be fleeting.
You won't ever be a 'perfect' parent. There really is no such thing.
It's no longer a big deal if your normally spotless house is a bit messy, it's more important to cuddle with your baby while you still have the chance. The toilet will still need scrubbed tomorrow, but that sweet baby is growing up before your eyes.
Be patient, relax, & enjoy the moment. When you're waiting for your baby to be born, when your ready for bed but your new baby isn't, & when you can't wait for your baby to reach his next milestone. You'll miss that moment one day & wish you hadn't rushed it away.
You will save a TON of money by using cloth diapers. They really aren't that hard.
Save a little time for yourself. You are not a bad parent if you want an afternoon to yourself. You are only human.
Ask for help, you are not super mom.
Your baby doesn't need 100 newborn or 0-3 outfits. The can all be washed & worn again. Return a few for some bigger sizes, you'll need them later.
While you want to be educated on what is best for your baby, being paranoid & overly cautious is not necessary.
Money doesn't matter to your baby. As long as he has the food he needs, a safe place to sleep, & a loving family, he has everything he needs. Fancy toys are not necessary & he will probably enjoy the box it came in more.
Take LOTS of pictures. You will soon be shocked by how tiny your baby once was, & will regret not taking more pictures & videos of him at each stage.
Make back ups of those pictures! Just in case the terrible happens, make a back up & keep it in a safe place (like a fire proof, water proof safe). Losing all those images will make you sick.
Be thankful for the beautiful baby you hold in your arms every day.

My son means the world to me & I can't wait for him to teach me more & more everyday. I am blessed to have such a sweet little boy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lil Bundle of Joy Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of the Lil Bundle of Joy Plushie & Crinkle Owl Giveaway is................
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Congratulations Annie!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Chin-Ups?

I couldn't do a chin-up to save my life. But Eli? Well, he's kind of starting to become a pro at chin-ups. Everytime I turn around he seems to be hanging from something.
If he's hungry he'll hold on to his high chair & let his legs dangle below.
If he wants in his bouncy horse, he'll hold on & kick his feet.
If he wants on the couch, he'll hold on tight & pull up his legs while he attempts to scoot on.
This all makes me so nervous. I never let him dangle long enough to see if he'd just let go, but I'm terrified Daddy won't be paying close enough attention & he'll fall & get hurt.
I never knew how much my little boy would terrify me....but it does.
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Monday, June 13, 2011


Why must insurance be so EXPENSIVE?!?!!?

My husband lost his job last week, so we all lost our insurance. Luckily, he has already found a new job, but they don't pay anything for dependents insurance coverage & his won't start for 90 days.

I'm able to get back on at my work, but to add Eli it's $300 a month & to add Luke it's $250, on top of the $160 I pay for mine! So, I started my search for more affordable insurance for Luke & Eli.

The cheapest good plan is $307 for both of them. Which is what it would be to add Eli to our work plans, so I guess it's really all the same, but this way I don't have to worry about them losing insurance if he loses his job again. I guess paying $467 isn't too bad when I consider how expensive everything can be if something happens; but it is still more than is easily affordable for us, especially considering Luke took a pay cut with his new job.

I suppose I should be a little more thankful that we are able to afford insurance at all. But I still hate parting with almost $500 a month, I keep thinking of all the debt we could be paying off.

Oh well, life happens right?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How did I get so Lucky

My son is absolutely perfect.

He loves hugs from his Momma.
He kicks & squeals in excitement when he sees his Daddy.
He loves squealing & screaming, especially at the dogs.
He likes his sleep, almost as much as Mommy.
He loves to eat, I hope he won't grow up to be as picky as his Daddy.
He will crawl to what he wants, unless he knows your watching him. Then he'll scream 'til you do what he wants.
He has learned how to climb into his carseat.
He could jump in his jumper most of the day.
He has discovered how to pull himself up on furniture.
He loves banging toys together, because the noises they already made weren't loud enough.
He loves the water. I'm starting to think he may have gills somewhere.
He gets excited when you let him walk while he holds onto your fingers.
He can hold his bottle, but won't do it because he knows you will hold it for him.
He loves his little race track. If we could figure out a way for him to play with that while jumping, he'd never do anything else.
He knows he has his Mommy & Daddy wrapped around his little finger, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

My sweet little Eli can make a terrible day better with just one smile. And nothing beats those sloppy baby kisses. It's hard to think that I met him for the first time only 220 days ago. Even with all the dirty diapers, screaming fits, & sleepless nights, it has been the best 220 days of my life.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When I was younger I loved harvest.

I loved how the wheat looked when it was ready to harvest. I loved how it meant nice, hot weather. I loved all the cute farm boys I'd see all over town. I loved combine & tractor rides. I loved everything about it. I never understood how someone could hate harvest.

But now, I get it. I have become a harvest hater.

I still love the way the wheat looks, the beautiful weather, & the combine & tractor rides; but now, I'm married to that cute farm boy. Now I'm sitting at home with our baby, wondering if he'll get home before we go to sleep. Chances are, he won't. But probably I'll catch a glimpse of him as he leaves in the morning for work.

Not quite the life I imagined as a teenage girl in love with harvest.