Sunday, June 5, 2011

How did I get so Lucky

My son is absolutely perfect.

He loves hugs from his Momma.
He kicks & squeals in excitement when he sees his Daddy.
He loves squealing & screaming, especially at the dogs.
He likes his sleep, almost as much as Mommy.
He loves to eat, I hope he won't grow up to be as picky as his Daddy.
He will crawl to what he wants, unless he knows your watching him. Then he'll scream 'til you do what he wants.
He has learned how to climb into his carseat.
He could jump in his jumper most of the day.
He has discovered how to pull himself up on furniture.
He loves banging toys together, because the noises they already made weren't loud enough.
He loves the water. I'm starting to think he may have gills somewhere.
He gets excited when you let him walk while he holds onto your fingers.
He can hold his bottle, but won't do it because he knows you will hold it for him.
He loves his little race track. If we could figure out a way for him to play with that while jumping, he'd never do anything else.
He knows he has his Mommy & Daddy wrapped around his little finger, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

My sweet little Eli can make a terrible day better with just one smile. And nothing beats those sloppy baby kisses. It's hard to think that I met him for the first time only 220 days ago. Even with all the dirty diapers, screaming fits, & sleepless nights, it has been the best 220 days of my life.
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