Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 2 of Fluff

I. LOVE. CLOTH. That is all. Okay, it's not really all. But I do LOVE these cloth diapers. So far we have tried the Best Bottoms, Rumparooz, FuzziBunz OS, GroVia Snap, & the BumGenius 4.0 Aplix.
Right now, the Best Bottoms is my favorite. It's the least bulky.
He slept in the Rumparooz & it didn't leak, but I think I over stuffed it. I put both liners in so he couldn't fit in his jammies, nor could he close his legs. Next time I think I'll just do one liner, the bottom one didn't get wet anyway.
He spent the morning in the FuzziBunz. I liked how trim fitting it was, but I don't know much about it's performance yet. I changed it before it had a chance to leak.
Then he wore the BumGenius 4.0 for his nap. When I woke him up to get ready for a family reunion, he hadn't wet it. But I wanted him to wear the GroVia Snap w/inserts to the reunion so I wouldn't have to deal with a whole wet diaper. Just a dirty liner.
So I changed him into the GroVia. It did great. He had a dirty diaper while we were there & I just had to toss the rice paper liner, snap out the dirty liner, & snap in the clean one. So simple. After we returned home, he had a would-be blow out if he's been wearing his disposable diapers (these have been a common occurrence for us). But the GroVia kept it ALL in. There was no leaking, no poo coming up the back, nothing. Needless to say, this made me VERY happy.
After that, I put him back in the BumGenius 4.0, since he hadn't wet it earlier.

I'm going wash them tomorrow. Hopefully I'm still in love with them afterward. The hubs even put up a dog pen so I can hang them outside to dry in the sun without worrying about the dog eating them.

Is it a little sad that I'm looking forward to washing them tomorrow? I'm actually looking forward to cleaning in general. My house is gross. It needs a good cleaning. I'm also aching to get rid of everything we don't use. Luckily, my mom said she would even come over for a few hours to watch Eli on her day off. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the whole house cleaned AND have energy left to cook a real dinner. You know, instead of the pizza we've been eating all weekend.

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I LOVE your blog. You are so awesome and have such a fun and witty way of writing things ;)

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