Monday, April 25, 2011

10 days blog free

It has been 10 days since my last post. Wow, it seems like FOREVER! I sure have missed it!

My husband told me I was on the computer too much in the evenings & said I couldn't go 10 days without it. Well, he was WRONG! I didn't exactly go into the dark ages though. I still used facebook & twitter from my phone, but I only used the computer to edit Easter pictures; which he said was okay. Now that I have made it 10 days, I will resume my blogging <3

I find it funny that in my hiatus from blogging, Luke started using the computer more. I'm starting to think the problem wasn't me being on the computer too much, but more him wanting to spend more time on it. It made me think maybe I should break down & buy a new laptop. Once upon a time, we had a desktop & a laptop. But that poor laptop, which was several years old, finally died. It would be nice to buy another, but with the way things around my house are breaking, it's going to have to wait I suppose.

Which brings me to how I learned to bake a cake on a sandwich maker. Yep, our oven died. We knew it was getting bad & starting to go out after struggling for a while. But it still worked, I would just have to cook things a little longer & at a little higher temp. But the other day was the last straw. It took TWO HOURS to bake ONE batch of cookies. They were only supposed to bake for eight minutes on 350 degrees. I baked them for 2 hours on 500 degrees. We went shopping for a new oven on Saturday, but we didn't end up buying anything. Its just not in the budget right now. After all, we had to buy a new fridge a month ago. So, till I feel we can afford a new oven, I'll be getting creative by doing everything stove top. (or in a sandwich maker!)

Eli's first Easter was a blast. We didn't do much, just relaxed & visited with some family. The Easter bunny did 'hide' some eggs for  him though. Easter morning there were tons of colored eggs scattered all around his playmat. We discovered Eli LOVES plastic eggs. They are currently his new favorite toy. He also doesn't like to share them. I made the mistake of grabbing one. He gave me the angry face & hollered at me. He also got some diapers from the Easter bunny...well, maybe those were more for Mommy. I decided to try prefold & flat diapers. I LOVE the prefolds. I expected them to be time consuming & complicated. But they aren't, & they keep everything in very well. I haven't used the flats yet. I need a tutorial on how to use them first.

On Thursday we will be returning the diapers from the 30 day diaper trial from The Changing Table. I plan on buying about half of them & some different ones. I fell in love with the Best Bottoms & the Flips. I really like being able to just change out the insert & reusing the cover. Maybe that's why I love the prefolds so much. I can use the cover almost all day! And the are VERY cheap. I got 10 diapers, 2 covers, & 2 snappis for $50.

My next adventure is to start making Eli's baby food. I didn't want to mess with straining it, so I was waiting till stage 2 so it could be a little thicker. Now that he will be 6 months old on Thursday, stage 2 is very near!

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The Family Stone said...

A cake on a sandwich maker? Well, I've just about heard it all!!! Welcome back to the bloggy-hood!