Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's that sound!?

You know that sound you hear when the TV is unplugged, the batteries in your son's jumperoo have died, the dogs are outside, and your husband is at WalMart. What's that called again? Oh yeah, NOTHING.
This NEVER happens in our house. Ever. The TV is constantly on. I can't actually remember the last time we have been home & it wasn't on, except for when we're sleeping.
Well, now Eli has decided something needed to make noise while he was jumping. So he's singing & hitting his horse like he's expecting it to catch on & start making noise again. I'm considering never changing the batteries, but that would be mean. Eli likes his music. But Momma likes silence...

Cloth diapers are still AMAZING. I still pretty much love them. Except Eli's room smells like butt. Nasty, stinky, poopy & pee soaked butt. I have to figure out a better way to handle the cloth diaper storage until I can make it to the city to buy the fancy bag that I can't remember the name of right now. I also need to buy some more inserts, or diapers, because 10 is not enough. I'm doing laundry every night. Luke & my mom (she watches Eli when I'm at work) don't really like the cloth. But I'm hoping they'll warm up to them.

I made a pretty great, EASY dinner. You should go check it out right now. Well, after you've finished reading this post, if you've even made it this far. I do get kind of wordy. Anyway, it was Quick & Easy Beef Burritos. Luke loved them & it took about 30 minutes total to make. I'm even determined to cook dinner EVERY night for the next 6 days. We actually went to the grocery store & bought only food to be cooked, and a chocolate cake. I couldn't resist the cake. This is either going to turn out really good & we will have saved money, or we will end up eating out every night & all the fresh food I bought will go bad.

Luke's back, so I'm being summoned to the living room to help him hang up the TV. I decided I wanted to rearrange. If only I'd known it was so hard to move a TV that had been mounted to the wall.

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