Friday, April 15, 2011

A walking Mom Zombie

My little Eli has been a champion sleeper since he was born, we're talking 5-7 hours a night his first few weeks & 8-12 hours since he was 6wks old. But that seems to be a thing of the past.
Everyone always asked how he was sleeping & I'd happily reply that he slept through the night, except for every now & then when he didn't feel well. And every time they would tell me that we were very lucky. I have friends who would be up all night with their babies, but I never thought I would soon join them.
But here we are on day 4 of 3 hours or less of sleep. I'd say Eli had his days & nights mixed up, but that isn't true. He doesn't sleep during the day much either, yet he is still a big ball of energy. I, however, don't function well on little sleep. I am NOT one of those super moms who can be up all night, work all day, come home make dinner & clean up the house. I'm doing good to throw a pizza in the oven for Luke & feed Eli. I feel sorry for my poor hubby, I'm not a nice person when I'm sleepy. I'm a crazed, angry Mom Zombie. At least the work week is almost over, maybe I will get caught up on sleep & cleaning.
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Tiff said...

Oh No! T went through the same thing!It comes in waves.

HeatherB said...

Maybe he's teething. Z would not sleep when she was teething. Used to make for a very Zombie mommy.

Cherie said...

I sure hope this doesn't last long! I guess it could be teething. He already has a few teeth & didn't go through this with them, but maybe he has some more painful ones coming through.

The Family Stone said...

I hope that he starts getting back in the sleeping swing of things soon! Lack of sleep can just be so tough!