Friday, May 13, 2011

22+ hour drive?

Is this a wise idea with a 6 month old baby? I'm starting to get a little concerned...but it's too late to change my mind now! We leave for South Carolina on Wednesday morning. But I do need some pointers on keeping a baby happy when the majority of the day he will be in his carseat. I'm planning to take LOTS of toys to keep him entertained, but don't know much else to do.

I have always thought road trips were fun. We even took a random road trip for our honeymoon. We flipped a quarter & headed in the direction it told us too, which ended up being California. I loved every minute of that, but this may be where I change my mind on road trips.

Wish me luck!


ashleykimble said...

we drove 16 hours when our little one was 6 months (just a few months ago)...I was terrified that it would be terrible. However, he was excellent! We chose to drive through the night so he slept 75% of the time. He is 10 months now and has decided he doesn't like his car seat so I know it would be terrible now...but he was great at 6 months! Good luck!

Miranda said...

Wish I had some helpful suggestions, unfortunately, I do not. I am curious to know how he does. We will be taking Joel on a 16 hour drive at the end of june, and again probably early september. Hope the drive goes well!

Angela said...

I wish you luck! That was something I was never brave enough to try. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

srkindredspirits said...

I'm following you throgh the Blog Hop! -would love it if you'd follow back!