Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ahhh! The Guilt!

I feel so guilty. Especially because I know he's not quite ready for this, but Mommy can't handle all those teeth!

I started weaning Eli a couple days ago. It all started during our trip because it was quicker to give him a bottle than to stop & breastfeed him. It would have added a few hours to our already 22 hour drive. I was still breastfeeding him in the morning, evening, & usually once when we stopped during the day, but my supply plummeted. After we made it to SC, I was breastfeeding as much as I could so my supply started to recover some, but then dropped again on the ride home. I probably would have worked harder to get it back up when we returned home if it hadn't been for all the biting!

Eli now has 4 teeth. I could handle the biting when it was tooth against gum...but now that it's tooth on tooth, I'm not doing so well. Especially with all the bleeding. Yes, that's right, he has been biting me so hard I start bleeding, a lot.

I'm still breastfeeding in the morning & at night. I will keep this up until my supply completely disappears. But I can tell he's upset when I come home for lunch or get off work & don't breastfeed him, the screaming & glaring gives it away.

I made it 7 months, which is pretty good, but still 5 months short of the year I had planned on. I'm sure the guilt will subside eventually, but for now I feel like a terrible Mommy.


Kelli said...

Awe. Don't feel guilty. The fact that you breastfed at all is something to be very proud of, especially since you are a working Mom. Kudos to you for keeping it up this long!!

Tiff said...

I agree! Have no guilt! You rock! :)