Friday, February 11, 2011


We had a VERY rough night last night. Eli would only sleep if Mommy was holding him. He kept grabbing his gums & screaming. He's been teething for a few weeks, but its getting worse. He's in so much pain & I can't do much but give him something to chew on & it breaks my heart.

Unfortunately, the only thing he really wants to chew on is me. I always try to nurse him when he's upset because it soothes him, but here lately all he does is chew, so I am very sore!

I really hope this teething doesn't last too much longer. My little Eli needs his sleep & so does Mommy! It is very hard to go to work when you only slept for about an hour! I guess we're lucky Daddy is a heavy sleeper so he still gets good sleep when Bubby is up screaming all night! (Yes I did just call Eli Bubby. I have no idea where it came from, it must be a combo of Bubba & Baby...but I have been calling him that since day 1!)

I hope he takes a good nap today!


caroline said...

uughh teething phase - i can relate. this too shall pass- hang in there..

following you from bloggy moms.


Cherie said...

Thanks for the follow :) I'm now following you!

Brea said...

Oh, mama!! That's rough. Smalls is teething, too...thank HEAVENS for Camilla!! It's great relief for him! He tried chewing on me, too. So I started unlatching him and giving him his teether-I just explained that mommy is not for chewing on. He doesn't do it anymore :) I just wanted to be sure to lay down the rules BEFORE he gets teeth... I hope that he feels better!!