Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Race is On! ....well kinda

Eli has been rolling over for a while, but it's starting to be ALL the time & he's really getting places now. He's also scooting. He puts his little booty WAY up in the air & pushes with his feet, he still doesn't raise his chest, but he's sure trying to crawl!

Last night I laid him on the floor to play while I did dishes (our kitchen over looks our living room so I could watch him). He immediately started rolling & scooting towards the kitchen.

Within 10mins he had rolled/scooted to the kitchen. I picked him up, carried him back to his blanket, & laid him down. We repeated this 3 times before i finished the dishes.

He was all smiles, coos, & giggles, as if he was proud of himself. I'm so happy he's having fun moving around...but now i need to finish baby proofing!
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Michelle said...

LOL. I remember those days! I miss those days. It's funny how they start rolling around. I think mine rolled sideways a lot. You've gotta love babies.

Crazy Lady Lori said...

I love your blog so I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out on my page.