Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1 was AWFUL!

In accordance with my new personal challenge I cooked dinner last night. It was terrible. Almost the most disgusting thing I have ever made (only to be trumped by enchiladas I made last week & mistakenly used 2 year old sauce).

I got out my cookbooks & after thumbing through them I found a recipe I thought Luke might like. It was a cheesy garlic chicken bake, just the sort of thing he always devours. Not this time. After he took a big bite he got this confused look, finished the bite, & 'tested the water' by asking what I thought. So I took a bite. I assume my response was very clear by the look on my face, because he immediately stood up & asked what I wanted from McDonalds.

I started checking my ingredients to see what I had done wrong, but had no such luck. It appeared everything was done correctly. That recipe just sucked. Needless to say I am NOT posting it because I would hate for anyone else to waste time making it!

I'll be trying again tonight. Wish me luck!
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christina said...

hehehe i can't help but chuckle at this. at least you're trying!

Jennifer said...

Hey Cherie, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am excited that you like it. So sorry your recipe didn't work out. Sometimes things are hit and miss in the kitchen. One of my favorite sites to get easy step by step recipes from is, there are pictures and everything. Your little Eli is such a cutie pie. My daughter Rian is turning 8 months this month, how fun that we have babies close in age.