Monday, March 28, 2011

Five Fantastic Months

Eli is five months old today. I still can't believe time is going by so fast. He is doing so much now. He is getting to be more & more fun everyday.
He loves to 'talk' he is constantly screaming, giggling, & talking to everything & everyone. He has a toy octopus that he will hold conversations with. It's adorable. He will also scream at the dogs if they walk past him & don't look at him.
He has started saying 'mama' & 'dada,' although I know he doesn't understand why we get so excited when he does.
He is obsessed with his teeth. He always has his fingers in his mouth touching them. At least he isn't a very fussy teether!
He has started doing what I call a face crawl. He keeps his face flat on the ground with his arms out to the side & will push with his legs to get places. He still does his inchworm crawl (where he moves his arms & chest & then pulls his legs to him), but gets places faster the other way. He's getting closer & closer to officially crawling everyday!
He loves to walk if we hold his hands. I think it makes him feel like a big boy.
He has almost mastered sitting up without support, although he still falls over sideways after a few moments.
He took his first drink of water out of Mommy's cup the other day. He couldn't stop grinning afterward. Currently he is trying to figure out how to use the straw.
He eats a TON! He eats 3 meals a day which include rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, & prunes. We are just now starting on the fruit!
He loves to chew on everything EXCEPT his pacifier & teethers.
His jumparoo is his best friend.
He loves to 'sing' & 'dance' along with Mommy & screams & cheers when Mommy sings & dances to entertain him. It makes me feel like a rock star. Who needs thousands of screaming fans when you have an adorable baby cheering you on?
Eli is growing up so fast, I never knew how excited I would get about everything he does. I love him so much!


Janiece Todd Parsons said...

Hey there... Isn't motherhood wonderful!!???
And grandmotherhood....whew it's 1000 times better! I'm a new follower from Blog Hop Tuesday and I am glad you joined me ( read my post on silverware drawers! haha
Thanks and have a great day!

Love You Always & Forever said...

Awwwww Happy 5 months birthday Eli!! :) It does go fast. The hubs and I were just talking the other day about how we can't believe we have a 7 year old who will be in 2nd grade next year! Seriously, you don't realize how fast time goes until you wake up to that. LOL! And Addie is already going on 9 months old! I am NOT ready for her to be 1 already! It always feels like it takes so long to get through that 9 months of pregnancy, but then before you know it they are here and 9 months old! How does that happen?! LOL! Enjoy him!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am following yours now too!

michelle said...

stopping by from blog hop! Aw; you have a 5 month old! Mine is 10 months, and it goes by SO fast! It makes me sad!:)