Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Excuses!

In an effort to become a 'better' wife & mother, I am going to start cooking more often. I have always enjoyed cooking, but have recently become too lazy to make anything that required more than turning on the oven or browning some hamburger meat. Not only am I going to start cooking more often, I will be trying new recipes (if you have a favorite please do tell!).

I will cook a meal a minimum of 4 days a week for 1 month. This excludes pre-made frozen meals (which are usually gross anyway) & ready to make meals like hamburger helper.

I will NOT use an old recipe of mine at LEAST 2 of those days.

I will make at LEAST 2 of those meals healthy & low in fat (which will be very hard because my hubby refuses to eat anything healthy, so I will have to be creative!).

I will also post each new recipe I try (I will even try to work in a few pictures, but I can't promise anything, I still haven't added pictures of my oh-so-adorable little boy).

Since I married my husband a short 19 months ago (to the day), I have gained 50lbs. Yes that's right FIFTY pounds, NOT including my pregnancy weight because I've ALREADY lost almost all of it. I attribute a huge part of my weight gain to my post wedding laziness. Not only did I stop working out everyday, I also started eating just like my hubby, which meant greasy hamburgers, frozen pizza, & way too much fast food. The problem with this is I don't do the physical labor he does everyday, so he can stay the same or even lose a pound or two, while I gain 5.

Please feel free to send me any recipes you may have! I would LOVE to try them!

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