Friday, March 18, 2011

I've been a little MIA...

This week has seemed so busy. I really haven't gotten much in particular done, I have just felt so overwhelmed. I even got to stay home with Eli yesterday afternoon & didn't get anything besides playing & cuddling time in. But that's okay, playing with my baby is WAY more important than anything else. I love him so much!

I did make another meal on Wednesday. It was tacos, which I always make, but I tried a new recipe. I wasn't a big fan of them & Luke said it was more like sloppy joes on tortillas. It called for a can of tomato soup, chili powder, & garlic. I ended up adding some salsa in my attempt to make it less sloppy joe like, but it didn't really work. At least they were edible.

Tonight I am going to be making another pork loin dish. (We went to Sam's a couple weeks ago & bought a giant pork loin, cut it up in 1lb sections, & froze it. So I will be making a lot of pork loin meals until it's gone.) I can't remember the name right now. But I know it calls for Tabasco sauce & brown sugar, so it should be interesting.

We went to the city Wednesday after Luke got off work to buy him some new pants. He used to work in a paint factory, so all of his work clothes were covered in paint, & before that he did road construction, so all those clothes were covered in grease & mud stains. But now, he finally has a job where he needs to look decent. He only had one pair of "fancy pants" or "going to town pants" as he liked to call them, so he was in a pretty bad need of some. I love seeing him come home in his boots, jeans, & pearl snaps shirts. It reminds me of when we first met <3

Anyway, while we were in the city, I finally bought Eli a carrier. He absolutely LOVES it. This kid has had Mommy trained since day 1. But recently, he has noticed how 'trained' I am. When I am home, he demands I hold him at all times, which I do anyway unless I'm trying to clean. Clean, who am I kidding, my house looks like an episode of Horders right now. Okay, well maybe not THAT bad. But now with his new carrier, I just strap him to the front of me & go about doing what ever I want with him giggling the whole time. We also bought him an activity gym. Why I hadn't bought one sooner? I have no idea. But it makes him so happy. He has been doing tummy time for a long time, but we've always just used blankets & random toys. But not now, he's moved up in the world. You should see the say he grins when I lay him down under the octopus toy. Its adorable.

One of our friends, Mike, brought his kids, Brayden (4) & Aubrey (7 1/2 mo), over yesterday afternoon. Eli & Aubrey had a blast. But I think we may have a little trouble on our hands. Eli had his arm wrapped around her & she kept giving him kisses. We will have to keep an eye on those two.

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