Friday, March 11, 2011

Today has been a great day!

My good friend Miranda had her baby boy early this morning. They live half way across the country so I won't see him 'til we visit in May, but I'm still VERY excited for her & her hubby!

I got a new schedule at work so I will only be working 4 1/2 days now instead of 6 so I can spend more time with my little Eli!!!!! So excited!

I am also going to cook a really amazing looking recipe I found today. I am so excited because I know my hubby will LOVE it...that is if I don't mess it up.

And my husband received his first check from his new job today! I feel so relieved to know he now makes enough money to support our family so I don't have to work so much! I never realized how much money stressed me out until I could finally RELAX!

Today is a great day.

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